Today is Saturday, and we all know what that means, right? It’s time for another edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots! I decided that we should work with the word “draw”.

I decided to hop on my mini trampoline and attempt to draw at the same time. This is the result! I also tried to add my signature (again, while jumping up and down on the trampoline). You can kinda-sorta make out the “W” at the end there.

Trampoline Sketch

Then there’s this one that’s been rattling around in my head recently. I was thinking of the saying “you’re just skin and bones” and I had to draw something.

Ink and Sticks

Now I need to pick someone to pick the next word. How bout choo, Laura?

This is a fun game, all! If you want to play, please join us!


8 thoughts on ““Draw”….Something!

  1. Excellent drawings, both of them. I can tell that the top one is supposed to be a recreation of Dogs Playing Poker, but the Ace of clubs has been replaced with the 2 of diamonds.

    It’s been a while since we’ve gotten new Tara drawings. I’ve missed them greatly. Thanks for sharing.

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