Sketches Ahoy!

My drawing itch seems to be back, and I have some ideas. I was going to draw something new, so I found one of my sketch pads and tried to find a blank page. I found some things that brought back memories and made me smile and laugh, which was just what I needed today!

I posted the following photo on “Dinkums and Doodles”, the blog that FW (from the blog “Tortoise Feathers”) shares with me. He’s the artist that makes that blog thrive, and I have been such a slacker. I finally posted something tonight after what seems like centuries.


Then there’s this sketch. I drew it awhile back and during a time when I was seriously frustrated with a “crush” situation. I thought I loved the guy and tried ever so hard to woo him (did I seriously type “woo”?!). He was never meant to be, but my little ole heart was stubborn and kept hoping and pushing. It finally threw up its hands (if hearts have hands) and notified my common sense that it was best for me to move on.


I love to play hide-n-seek with family pets, especially with cats. My mom’s cat Joshua will play with me, but I’m an easy find. I giggle when I hear him “meow” out of confusion or maybe he’s saying, “Where in the hell did she go?!”


This happens all of the time. I get angry when I’m trying to research something (mostly for my mom), and things go awry. It frustrates me beyond words. I pound my fist a lot, I’m surprised I have a right wrist bone.

Pounding Fist


8 thoughts on “Sketches Ahoy!

    • I had to look that name up, too, and I’ve seen his drawings before. Someone else said that my figures look Dr. Seuss-like. I don’t remember when I started drawing my figures that way, but it started when I was a kid.

  1. Thank you so much for posting your wonderful drawings Tara! I love seeing them, they make me so happy!! Please please please keep drawing and posting :-) I will if you do!

    • FW: Thank you so much! :) I posted a new drawing on “Dinkums and Doodles” last night. I want to keep drawing, so hopefully the ideas will keep coming in! Yes, please keep up with your drawings, too!

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