Friday Five – Shopping Edition

Hey there and happy Friday! Most of you are acquainted with “Blogthings”, but did you know that there’s also a blog? It’s called “The Blogthings Blog”. She has her own “Friday Five” that includes a Blogthings quiz! Here is this week’s list o’questions.

Friday Five – Shopping Edition

1. What are your favorite stores to shop at?
Walmart, Pat Catan’s, Gabriel Brothers, Old Time Pottery, Tuesday Morning, The Dollar Tree, Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory

2. What do you like to shop for?
Movies, crafts, food, makeup, cleaning supplies, sometimes clothes and shoes

3. Where do you prefer to shop? Online? At an indoor mall? An outdoor mall? Downtown?
I prefer to shop in an actual store most of the time. When I’m shopping for clothes, I like to shop in the store because I need to try things on. I try to avoid going to the malls, they make my eyes burn and there just aren’t that many shops in the mall that I like to visit. I haven’t been Downtown to shop in a very long time. If I’m looking for music or movies, sometimes I’ll shop online.

4. What’s the best thing you’ve bought in the past year or two?
My dollhouse kit, dollhouse furniture and some outfits for work

5. Take What’s Your Shopping Stereotype? – What do you get? Is it accurate?
My shopping stereotype is Economical. Yes, it’s very accurate!

Your Shopping Stereotype is Economical

Cheap. Thrifty. Frugal. These are all word that you can (and likely do) use to describe your shopping style.
Why pay top dollar when you can get a bargain? You love to save money, and you’re really quite good at it too.You’re most likely to be found shopping in discount stores, but you also know how to rock the clearance rack at top end places.People are always complementing you on your finds, and they can’t believe how cheaply you get everything.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Shopping Edition

  1. Secret Agent Woman: I need to go on a shopping hiatus. Walmart is like my second home.

    Laura: I liked your answers, I can’t believe I forgot about the bookstores I have visited!

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