Relaxation Vacation

I had a week long vacation last week and it was really nice. Even though all vacations seem to go by super fast, this one had a nice, steady pace that let me enjoy my time off.

My mom and I went to a flea market at the local fairgrounds. It’s set up every weekend, and in the winter they have it inside. I bought a few movies; “Not Another Teen Movie” (“You’d better ba-ring it.” “Oh, it’s already been ba-roughten.”) and “The Professional”. Then there’s a lady who buys lots of stuff at Costco or some place like that and resells the stuff at a lower price. I bought a huge bottle of Scope, because that stuff’s not cheap, and some nice perfume. Then there was a stand nearby that sold hotdogs, sausages and fries. There’s something about buying fries at an outdoor event….the smell tortures me into buying some.

We also checked out a place I’ve been meaning to visit called “Tuesday Morning”. I went to one years ago in another city, but it just seemed to be a shop filled with candle stuff. I half expected to run into the same thing at this different location, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the stuff is decorative, and it’s so cool and affordable. They also had some DVDs available and I bought Ellen Degeneres’s DVD called “Here and Now”. I’ll have to visit that place again this weekend since it’s payday weekend.

I also walked to the library and checked out some books, but I talked about some of those already. It was a shoppy, crafty, exercisey, movie-watching kind of vacation and I loved it. There are two more vacation days on deck in a few more weeks. Then I have a week off in July, then the day after Halloween and two days off after New Year’s Day. I still have 8 days left, but I’m hanging onto them to see what kind of good excitement pops up through the rest of the year.


4 thoughts on “Relaxation Vacation

  1. That sounds like my idea of a great vacation! I have a Tuesday Morning nearby. They have some junk and they have some really nice decorative items, kitchen stuff, etc. You never know what will turn up there, really.
    I have so many vacation hours. Better line up some more days off ASAP :)

  2. Laura: I can’t wait to check out Tuesday Morning again!
    My manager sent an email around to everyone recently so that we submit our vacation requests before the end of the year. If we don’t use them, we lose ’em and vacation days are too precious to lose!

    FW: I was even able to sell MY stuff during my vacation. I made a bit of money from Amazon and Ebay.

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