“Wing”in’ It!

Howdy! Ms. Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This” picked the word “wing” for Saturday Scavenger Shots.

I’m late, but here are my photos:


Here’s my Angry Bird! A friend and coworker bought one for me! A few of us were really competitive with that game. It doesn’t look like my bird has any wing(s). Maybe that’s why the birds have to be launched by a slingshot. I’d be angry too!


I walked to the local library today and took out a few books about sketching and drawing nature. Here’s one about drawing birds. It doesn’t take me step-by-step with drawing instructions, but it does tell me which colors I need from my collection of colored pencils.


Here’s a basic drawing of a cardinal. One wing had lots of detail in the book, but I’ll be able to draw that one in more detail on paper.


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