New Toy!

Hey there! I bought myself a new toy. It’s not a techie toy, nothing expensive or flashy. I bought a whiteboard with dry erase markers and an eraser. Look at it:


My first thought was to buy a bigger white board, like the size we use in our classrooms. That would’ve blown my mind. I did find one at Walmart that was not only affordable (under $10), it was also just right with the size. I told myself that I didn’t need a gigantic, wall-hogging board, just one that’s big enough to get my creative juices flowing. I can be very responsible with my money if I really concentrate.

Anyway, I hung it up by my bed and everytime I walk past it, I feel compelled to draw something new. It’s so much fun, I recommend that you buy yourself a whiteboard with some dry erase markers.


8 thoughts on “New Toy!

  1. We have one with a calender that we keep by our door. Ideally we were going to use it, but sadly after about the first month we of forgot about it.

  2. I like whiteboards, but mine is used for the boring and practical purpose of keeping track of things I need for grocery day. I do have a whiteboard app for my iPad so I don’t have to waste tons of paper working out work-related issues. I should buy one just to play on, though. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Great idea to spark your creativity! I remember when classrooms began transitioning from chalkboards to whiteboards. Both fun, but whiteboards are certainly less dusty :)

  4. Silver: I’m like that with my iCal on my computer. I was hell-bent on adding every birthday on there and would then be on top of things when that birthday rolled around and I could send cards out on time. That worked out for a year. :-|

    AlienCG: I use my board for drawing, but I have used it to jot down short shopping lists.

    Laura: I still miss chalkboards. I liked the sound of chalk writing on some of the boards. I just saw a Teacher Barbie at the store that comes with a little chalkboard and chalk! I almost bought it.

    FW: Thanks! :)

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