Two Spider Visitors in One Day

When I was getting ready for work yesterday, I glanced at the wall by my alarm clock and noticed a little spider strolling down the wall. I was still in my pajamas, but I grabbed a Pyrex container and guided the visitor into the container. Then I quietly opened the door to my apartment, after making sure nobody was there, and sent the spider on its way. It was a fast little thing.

Then last night while in the shower, another spider graced me with his/her presense. It came out from behind my shampoo bottle, noticed me, then walked back behind the bottle. I wasn’t offended, I appreciated that the spider gave me some privacy. When I was ready to leave the bathroom, I noticed it had crawled out, into the open again. I wonder if it would be happier by my plants? It seemed lost.


5 thoughts on “Two Spider Visitors in One Day

  1. Occasionally, a spider will take up residence somewhere in my place and when I see it on its web it feels like a little pet :)
    Your spiders sound considerate. That shower one probably went looking for water and then went – whoa! That’s way too much water for me!

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