Dog Spelled Backwards is God…Do Cats Know about This?

Well hey there! Laura chose “dog” for this past Saturday’s game of Saturday Scavenger Shots! I know I had some photos for the word, so I scrounged around and fetched four that I wanted to post.

Kelly 1

This photo has some rusty spots on it, but this is our dog Kelly. She was a lovely dog who put up with lots of shenanigans.

Kelly 2

Here’s a clearer photo of Kelly. She was our dog for a long time, hung around to train our pup Precious and then left us awhile later. She was very friendly and gentle.


Here is Precious. I didn’t think about the “Silence of the Lambs” reference when I named her that day. I was going to name her SAP, short for Sweet and Precious. A neighbor said I should call her “Precious” and that’s the name that stuck.

Precious 2

Precious was such a playful, friendly pup all the way up past her senior years. She even tolerated Claudia, our first cat of the family, and they eventually became friends.


5 thoughts on “Dog Spelled Backwards is God…Do Cats Know about This?

  1. That there’s a fine collection of dogs. Nice job with the word. I kind of followed suit with the word. I coud not figure out a geeky usage for DOG.

  2. FW: All our pets were (still are) spoiled rotten. :)

    Secret Agent Woman: They are so easy to play with when they trust us. Our dogs put up with so much. One tried to tolerate wearing a hoodie. Poor pup. :)

    Laura: Yes, they were definitely loved! My mom is still baffled by one photo of Kelly lounging on the hood of a car, looking all casual.

    AlienCG: Thanks! I’ll have to check out your photos. I did like your “geeky” attempt at “cat”.

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