“Take a Letter, Maria…”

Yesterday’s word, “letter”, was brought to us by AlienCG from “Swamp Gas and Moonlit Reflections”! I’m not quite on time, but I’m earlier than I was last week.

Here’s a new desk for my dollhouse. If you look closely, you can see a tiny, stamped envelope and a few pages of a tiny LETTER. I just made those and it was kind of fun.



4 thoughts on ““Take a Letter, Maria…”

  1. Very neat little desk. If you get a really fine-point marker, you can write an actual letter on the desk and make an easter egg. for your home. (Find the secret thoughts of Tara on very tiny paper inside of the dollhouse).

  2. Secret Agent Woman: Yes, she has friends up in the mountains of Cupboardia and also StereoCasea.

    Laura: Thanks! Yes, although I should make a folder with invoices and bills inside. That desk is just asking for files and other goodies.

    AlienCG: Hey, great idea! I’m gonna see what I can do! Thanks!

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