The other morning when my radio alarm started up, the local station played the song “Ballroom Blitz”. I love that song, it gets me moving in the morning, so I decided to download it from “Amazon”. I realized that the band that sings the song is called “The Sweet”. Perfect, since this week’s word, brought to us by Ms. Laura, is “sweet”!


I thought that I’d have an excuse to post a photo of chocolate or something else that’s sweet and sinful, but I am trying to behave (“trying” is a loose term). The old Google machine kept me in check.


4 thoughts on “Sweeeeet!

  1. That explains the Facebook singalong the other day. That was fun and now I am going to have purchase that song for myself. But which version? The original? Krokus? Tia Carrere? Nah, the original.

  2. Laura: I didn’t know the song existed before “Wayne’s World”. Hehe.

    AlienCG: Not a big fan of Tia Carrere’s version, but that was the only version I was aware of until I heard the one from “Sweet”.

    Secret Agent Woman: I’m glad that the station that’s on my radio alarm plays some upbeat tunes in the morning.

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