Taste of Winter

Here’s a video that shows you that winter can be a real bleepin’ bleep, and some people just need to be smarter and/or more cautious around the snow and ice that is sometimes part of that lovely season.


6 thoughts on “Taste of Winter

  1. My favorite ones were the guy who tried to dive into the frozen pool and the dumb cow mounting. Awesome. People falling is always funny. I am just glad I live in a place I don’t have to deal with that mess.

  2. AlienCG: Winter is very competitive.

    Daffy: Hi there! How are you? Winter does make us want to hibernate in our own way. I want to sit around, watch TV and eat potato chips (crisps).

    Manuel: I like to see people falling down too. It’s probably why I love “AFV” even though their final choices are usually stupid.

    Laura: Yeah the sliding cars made me anxious too. I don’t like my car losing control on snow or ice. I wore out the brakes in my old car because I used them constantly in the winter.

    Secret Agent Woman: I cringed at the sliding cars. They made me very nervous. They even showed a bus skidding across the road. I thought those things were impervious to ice and snow. I was wrong.

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