Yay, it’s Friday! I’m so glad. I’m in a good mood, too. I paid off my Walmart credit card. I didn’t have a huge number on it, but it’s always a good feeling to get that out of the way. The only problem is that I feel so good that I want to buy more to celebrate! I must resist.

Speaking of celebrations, here is this week’s “Friday5”! Play along!

1. When did you last blow up a balloon?
I don’t even remember, it’s been that long!

2. Whose house is especially well-designed for parties, and why?
Can’t think of a specific place, but any area that has enough room to make people feel comfortable and cozy.

3. If the party starts at seven, what time are you there?
Unfortunately, I have a habit of showing up too early. I don’t like to be late, but I need to work on arriving when they expect me.

4. Who brought the best thing to your last potluck?
One of my coworkers usually brings in a Mexican dip to our office potlucks, and I can never get enough of it.

5. Now that the holidays are over, what (besides a birthday) might be the next thing you celebrate in the company of others?
Well, I am thinking of having a dollhouse-warming party when I finish my dollhouse!


4 thoughts on “Fridayyyyyyyyyyy!!

  1. Happy Friday!

    1. Man, I can’t even remember. Has to be over a couple of years.

    2. The bigger the better!

    3. 6:58!

    4. New Years Eve, our friend brought homemade Cheesy Biscuits, Red Lobster style.

    5. Our friends always party. Next one is Super Bowl at our house!

  2. Secret Agent: Yes, it is awkward being the first one at the party. I’ve also been the last one to leave a party, and that feels weird too.

    Manuel: Oh, I love those Red Lobster cheesy biscuits! My brother sent me and my mom gift certificates to Red Lobster. I still have one from last year!

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