Saturday Scavenger Shots: Voice

Hey there, it’s time for Saturday Scavenger Shots! I picked the word, “voice” because…well I don’t have one right now. I mean I can voice my opinions, but my actual voice is a bit gravelly and manly right now. Some say it’s sexy. That would be nice if I didn’t have a cough and if I could use my voice to sing to my iPod and the mixed CD in my car. Nothing much comes out right now. Oh well, “don’t cry for me, Argentina”.


Just moments ago, I glued the last shingle onto my dollhouse. May I voice my grievances on how tedious this task turned out to be? I must’ve gone through four or five bottles of heavy-duty glue. Part of it was fun, though, because I’d play music or have the TV on and I could really glue a lot down if my ears were occupied. I have some shingles leftover just in case I need to make some repairs.


Here’s the other side of the house. My mom bought me the handy-dandy, self-standing flashlight you see there in the attic. Even without a voice, I was able to make tons of progress using that flashlight. I look forward to adding carpeting, tile and either paint or wallpaper to the various rooms.

Laura, you are the chosen one for the next word leader! I knight thee, Lady of the Chosen Word.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Voice

  1. Your little house turned out beautifully! But I take it this won’t become a regular thing? I hope you have made progress with the return of your voice.
    And thank you for the tag, your Royal Blogness! The word is SOCIAL.

  2. Laura: I might try a smaller house next time. There’s a tutorial site that I check out for more detailed assembly directions, and they have a photo up there that shows a whole room filled with this particular dollhouse! That’s a lot of dollhouse-building!

    Secret Agent: Thanks! I need to add some trim to some parts and then tackle the railings and stairs. Then I can play with the interior! :)

  3. Great job on the house so far. May it soon have a voice all its own (whatever that means). Who would have thought that gluing individual tiny pieces onto the top of a house would be tedious?

  4. Wow! What a difference from a few weeks ago, you’ve really transformed the house into a Des-Res! I was at a pet store recently and saw they were selling a card board cat playhouse. It looked pretty cool, maybe that would combine your love of cats with a love of modelling?

  5. FW: Thank you! Yes, I’ve seen those cat towers. My mom and I joked about getting one for her cat, but figured that everything in her apartment could count as a cat tower. He climbs on whatever he wants, whenever he wants! :)

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