Scent of a Blogger

TGIF! I haven’t visited Blogthings in awhile, so I thought I’d check it out and take one of the new quizzes. Have fun!

Your Scent is Classic and Sophisticated

You are timeless in every way, and that includes your scent. You always smell good.
The scents you choose tend to be appropriate to the occasion and strong – but not overwhelming.

You carry yourself with grace and class. You are dazzling and different enough to make an impression.
The scents that fit you best are white pepper, musk, and honeysuckle.


2 thoughts on “Scent of a Blogger

  1. Your Scent is Fresh and Youthful
    You love to smell great, but you’re not big on heavy or complicated scents.
    Your ideal scent is light, clean, and natural. You want your scent to be barely detectable.
    You are real and down to earth. Your simplicity, charm, and optimism are very attractive.
    The scents that fit you best are orange flower, grapefruit, and citrus.

    Blogthings does it again! :)

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