Saturday Scavenger Shots: Craft

Yo! How was your weekend? Mine went super fast. Why can’t two work days go that fast? Anyway, it was my turn to pick Saturday’s word for the game “Saturday Scavenger Shots”, so I picked “craft”. The word didn’t just come to me out of the blue. Since visiting a craft store in Arizona, I made up my mind to buy a dollhouse kit and build a dollhouse.

I'm going to build this dollhouse.

I’m going to build this dollhouse.

According to the directions, I should build a few parts of the dollhouse first before assembling the entire thing. I made the steps first.

Here's proof that the stairs work.

Here’s proof that the stairs work.

Then, after re-reading the directions for the chimney and then searching for a missing piece that had fallen off the couch and bounced, I finished the chimney. An idea popped into my head, though, to make it look like the chimney had bricks. I broke up a few clay pots and then broke the pieces down so that I could glue them to the sides. That was a fun project and kind of relaxing. I watched movies while I glued down each piece. I liked painting it afterwards.



Finally and about an hour ago, I found out how to build the bay window frame. Those directions weren’t perfectly clear in the instructions, so I had to refer to the company’s website for more guidance. It all hit me to the point where I said “Ah HA!” I assumed that all the pieces I needed were located in the same box. It would make sense, really. Alas, the crucial pieces were in another chunk of parts. Once I found them, I taped everything together until I could build the house and finish assembling everything. Here’s part of the bay window. It’s not pretty, but it looks like what the directions show. It just needs to be glued and connected to the rest of the house once the house is assembled.

Bay Window Frame

Bay Window Frame

Here are some craft supplies:

Craft Lab

Craft Lab

Finally, here is the craft store I love to visit. I could spend hours there.

Craft Mecca

Craft Mecca

Well now it’s my turn to pick a new word chooser, so I’ll pick Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This”! What say you, Laura?


8 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Craft

  1. I love how you made the chimney look more realistic! Very clever :) I’m glad you are enjoying your latest CRAFT and can’t wait to see more photos as it comes together.
    Thanks for the tag! Next word is GENIUS.

  2. Laura: Thank you! The dollhouse is starting to come together even more. I assembled the foundation yesterday. Thank you for the new word!

    Secret Agent Woman: Thanks! I let my fingers do the walking.

  3. It looks like a wonderful craft project. The X and I built one once and really got carried away. You are so creative that you will find lots of ways to make it your own “Tara” mansion. I love the way doll houses look as decorations. Fun stuffs!

  4. Dmarks: You should play along next time! The word for this Saturday is “genius”.

    Silly Rabbit: Thank you! Once the dollhouse is complete, I’d like to find decorations for it for every holiday, especially Halloween and Christmas. That’ll be fun.

  5. I’m going to enjoy watching the house develop. I love the way you’ve picked up something new and creative. Dolls house builders seem to be a sizeable hobbyist world. Well done you for not sticking just to the instructions and adding your own touches.

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