“I’m a real wild child…”

AlienCG chose “wild” for this week’s edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots! Hmm, what sort of photos could I find to properly represent that word? I did some searching.

The following two photos are of wildlife within the Cleveland area. We have a little bird who perched on a frozen branch after an ice storm, and then some deer who I found strolling through the woods.

I have been tagged to choose the next word! Let’s go with: CARD.

The Select Few

Happy belated Halloween! What did you do yesterday? In most areas in our neck of the woods, trick-or-treating has been moved to the weekend due to the bad weather. We were able to wear a costume to work, though. Here are a few photos:

I carved this pumpkin lickety split on Tuesday night while watching “Wolverine”. I thought about making the pumpkin into a cyclops, but things changed. Before I knew it, the pumpkin was finished and it looked very happy! I roasted the seeds too, and those are tasty.

This is my costume, I was a devil. I had fun buying accessories for this costume and I was really glad that I already had a red dress in my closet. There were a few different reactions to the mask I was wearing. The women liked the costume while the guys seemed more startled and baffled. One guy grinned when he saw me and said, “Why didn’t you wear a costume?” Haha. Other people were dressed up too. There was a cowgirl, a gym teacher and a nurse. I missed other costumes, since it was my late day and didn’t get in till noon. I had some flame decals for my nails that I was going to put on, but I lost them somewhere in my apartment. Argh. Anyway, it was fun to dress up, especially in a wig and watch the reactions.