Just Plane Nervousness

I was sitting in my seat on the plane last Monday, waiting for departure from chilly Cleveland to toasty Arizona. The pilot announced that they were working on the engine; there was more liquid coming out of the engine than they expected, and although they had a hunch it was normal, they wanted to check it anyway. Yes, PLEASE be more safe than sorry! Check the hell out of that engine, please! Everything turned out okay and we took off into the wild, blue yonder.

Things have changed a little in the way of in-flight entertainment since I last flew on a plane, and now the TV screens are embedded into the backs of every chair and watching a movie is not free anymore. Still, I decided to pay to watch a few movies. One was “The Dark Knight Rises”. I started to watch it, but the beginning of the movie shows an airplane getting hijacked by Bane and well…I just didn’t feel like watching that part. I checked the other movie channels and noticed that “Finding Nemo” was on, so that’s what I watched. Eventually I relaxed and was able to glance comfortably out the window to take some photos. I love taking photos from a plane, I’m a big cloud and blue sky fan. The rest of the flight, including the landing, was smooth. The trip back was even faster.

3 thoughts on “Just Plane Nervousness

  1. Secret Agent Woman: Yup. If I remember correctly, if the flight is under 2 hours, they charge 5.99 to use the TV. For flights two hours or over, it’s 7.99. I don’t know when they decided to do that, although it may have been around the time they decided to zing people with a $25 dollar fee for each checked bag. My mom and I both stuck with carry-ons this time.

    Laura: Thanks! When I looked out of the window the first time and saw how far we had climbed, it startled me. It was like I had never been on a freakin plane before! :P

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