My Temporary Roommate

My mom’s cat, Joshua, is still staying over at my place. He’ll move back to his mom’s after we return from vacation. Right now he’s making himself pretty darned comfortable.

He made me laugh so hard last week. I was sitting on the floor watching TV (sometimes I like sitting on the floor instead of the couch, even though the couch is extremely comfortable) and Joshua was acting antsy and weird. He has two favorite sleeping spots in my place; underneath my bed and under the couch. If he wanted to disappear under the couch, he would go in through the back. My mom put one of her crocks by the couch, but we didn’t think anything of it. Well apparently that crock was causing quite a problem for Josh, but I didn’t realize it until later. He paced around and even checked out the other side of the couch. I still didn’t know what was wrong, though. Then I glanced to my left just in time to see his hind legs slide under the front of the couch, underneath the bars! I wish I had it on camera, but the image of his furry, frog-like legs sliding under the couch will be etched into my head.

It’s my late day today, so I didn’t have to head into work until noon. Joshua was at it again, but this time it wasn’t about not having an entrance to the couch. He had everything a cat could want – a clean litterbox, full dish of food, fresh water, breakfast treats and a space on the windowsill. I found out that he wanted to play. He was tearing around the livingroom and so I chased after him. He also likes to stalk me from behind bags and tables, so we had fun there, too. When he wasn’t looking, I hid behind the bathroom door and squeezed the door shut as much as possible so that he wouldn’t suspect anything. There I stood, an adult, giggling about hiding from a cat. It took him awhile to find me, but eventually he figured it out.

Here are some photos of Joshua if you’ve never seen him before. He’s a lovely little sunflower of a cat.

4 thoughts on “My Temporary Roommate

  1. He’s a lovely cat Tara, I can see why you enjoy having him stay with you. Since we’ve had cats I enjoy how they make us all laugh at the silly things they get up to, what must go on in their fuzzy brains sometimes?!

  2. Laura: Yeah, it has been nice having Joshua around, but I took him back to my mom’s place today. It’s nice to have my apartment back to normal and I don’t have to clean out a litterbox.

    Secret Agent: My mom turned into a cat lady. She preferred dogs for years until she let my brother buy me my first kitten.

    FW: Sometimes I do wish I knew what was going through his head and how he sees things.

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