Saturday Scavenger Shots: Card

Hi! I picked the word “card” for this week’s edition of “Saturday Scavenger Shots”. It was the result of one of those moments when I just glanced around my room for ideas.

First of all, here’s my discount card for one of our local grocery stores. They’re getting pretty expensive, so I don’t go there often. When I do, though, and I use the card, I get a tiny but important discount when I fill my car up with gasoline. The grocery store calls it “fuel perks”. Not bad!

I love sending out greeting cards. When we get closer to Christmas, I’ll check out my selection at the stores and find something to send out. I used to send out ecards, but I will always prefer a regular card. Here’s a card that a friend sent to me. I love sending and receiving cards, so when this arrived in the mail, I had to keep it for awhile.

Tag, Laura, you’re it! :)

4 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Card

  1. Secret Agent: Yes, birthday cards are fun to send and receive. A few of my friends send ecards with tunes that are really catchy. I do love getting a regular greeting card in the mail, though.

  2. The best thing is just getting a greeting card randomly. There is nothing like it!
    Thanks for the tag….this week’s word is Gratitude…which we have probably done at some point in the past…but not too recently, and it seems appropriate :)

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