Belated Halloween and Other Trickery

This weekend was pretty nice. I was invited over to a friend’s house for dinner on Saturday. We had a nice meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and cupcakes, and then we played a card game with her daughter. Once her daughter was off to bed, we played a few games of “Scene It – the Seinfeld Edition”. Since we’re both huge “Seinfeld” fans, the games were pretty close. It was really fun. My friend and I work together, but sometimes it’s hard to talk during down time if I have to answer the phones. It was nice to hang out with her without the phone demanding to be answered.

One of my brothers is visiting from another state. He’s here to assist with the election and is staying with one of my other brothers. My mom and I were invited over last night for some dinner and to help pass out Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters. That particular part of Halloween was postponed last week because of the crappy weather. I dressed up in my devil costume and had fun giving out some candy to the kids. Some of them had some really creative costumes like cotton candy girl and jellyfish girl. There was also a little kid dressed up as a green dinosaur. The neighbor had all sorts of cool props in this front yard, so I took photos before we left for the night.

My mom has been sleeping over at my place since October 20th. She had just started to get settled into her new apartment the week of October 15th. We went shopping that Saturday for some stuff, then went back to her place for some lunch. It was the first time she had a chance to turn on the oven and the heat ignited some material in the bottom drawer of the stove. The place filled up with smoke and we had to call the fire department. We’re alive, the sprinklers didn’t have to go off so there wasn’t any water damage, and there’s only smoke damage to deal with right now. My mom is insured so a fire restoration company came in and cleaned the contents of her apartment. They couldn’t clean the structure, that’s a job for maintenance, but it seems like they have been dragging their feet through the whole process. They finally came in last week to repaint the area by the stove that was stained with smoke, but they still have to replace the damaged stove and clean the vents. My mom wants them to repaint the whole kitchen and living area, but I don’t have faith in that part. When we met up with the insurance agent the Wednesday after the fire, he said that my mom would have the option to check into a hotel, but by the time she got settled into one, it would be time to move back. Well if we knew that it would take longer than anyone expected, she could’ve been kicking back in a hotel pool at this time instead of having to share a bathroom with her daughter. Oye veh.

In the meantime, we’re moving some things back into her place. Most of her stuff is already in her apartment, but she wanted to work on things while she stayed with me. Then she bought a new microwave and a toaster oven over the weekend. New toys! Her coffee maker is kaput because that was covered with smoke and fire extinguiser soot, but she’ll be able to buy a new one and get money from the insurance company. We sorted out her walk-in closet, too, and that has more order to it. Her bedroom and bathroom don’t smell of smoke. The main area stinks, though, and that’s why we think they need to clean the vents. Anyway, it’s just a bunch of waiting. I know it could be much worse.

7 thoughts on “Belated Halloween and Other Trickery

  1. I have a friend that I do that with – once her daughter is in bed, that’s when we can really talk.

    That’s too bad about your Mom’s apartment. I think my mother and I could live together for a few days before I had to leave or lose my mind.

  2. It hasn’t been bad having my mom over for this long. We do have totally different ways of doing some things and different shows we watch. We were loud with each other once last week, but that was it. She likes to cook for me when I come home for lunch.

  3. I’m glad your getting on okay with your mom. Shame that happened to her apartment but that’s life I guess, you just have to roll with it the way it comes. Hopefully she’ll be back to her own apartment soon.

  4. Did your mom leave stuff in the stove? Or it was a defect in the stove? Just wondering, as my mom used to leave tons of crap in the stove, including plastic items!!! Glad all was ok though.

  5. FW: She’s back in her place now, and things are falling back into place. They cleaned the carpeting for her, and that has dramatically reduced the smokey smell.

    NoR: Thank you! She had stored some material in the bottom drawer of the stove. She was in an unpacking mania at the time and just didn’t think about it. When she lived in the other place, with an electric stove, she did use it as storage.

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed your delayed Halloween. I bet the kids loved getting candy from a lovely devil :) I’m so glad your mom’s fire experience wasn’t any worse. Sounds a bit scary…and now just a hassle. I think she’s probably had a nicer time with you than in a hotel.

  7. Laura: It was a bit scary, but now things are quieting down (knock on wood) and she and Joshua are back in the apartment. She has done a fantastic job decorating the place and making it her own.

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