The Select Few

Happy belated Halloween! What did you do yesterday? In most areas in our neck of the woods, trick-or-treating has been moved to the weekend due to the bad weather. We were able to wear a costume to work, though. Here are a few photos:

I carved this pumpkin lickety split on Tuesday night while watching “Wolverine”. I thought about making the pumpkin into a cyclops, but things changed. Before I knew it, the pumpkin was finished and it looked very happy! I roasted the seeds too, and those are tasty.

This is my costume, I was a devil. I had fun buying accessories for this costume and I was really glad that I already had a red dress in my closet. There were a few different reactions to the mask I was wearing. The women liked the costume while the guys seemed more startled and baffled. One guy grinned when he saw me and said, “Why didn’t you wear a costume?” Haha. Other people were dressed up too. There was a cowgirl, a gym teacher and a nurse. I missed other costumes, since it was my late day and didn’t get in till noon. I had some flame decals for my nails that I was going to put on, but I lost them somewhere in my apartment. Argh. Anyway, it was fun to dress up, especially in a wig and watch the reactions.


5 thoughts on “The Select Few

  1. Graeme went out as a pirate.. I managed to get everything he needed for a reasonable price and under $10.. I was going to wear my devil horns but the rain said otherwise..but he still came home with a good amount of treats..
    Love your costume.. Love seeing people’s reactions to their costumes..

  2. Great costume! You are a cute little devil :) I was a witch…here at work we also had the Queen of Hearts, Professor McGonagall, Cho Chang, Captain America, Princess Leia and some others. People are pretty good about dressing up here, which makes it fun.

  3. MHW: Hi! I’m glad Graeme got a lot of treats! I had two sets of devil horns; the ones on the headband which were more secure and the ones that could clip into the hair like barrettes.
    I like seeing the reactions to costumes, too. I actually startled a few people.

    Laura: Thank you! That’s great that you and your coworkers get into the spirit by dressing in costume! I’ll bet the kids especially love it!

    Secret Agent: Even after I was too old to trick-or-treat, I still liked to dress up while handing out candy. Yeah, I’m thinking a mask or costume would not be a good idea for a shrink. :)

    3GKnight: They are very good, and I love the smell of fully roasted seeds.

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