Fancy a Pint?

Yesterday we had another blood drive at the school. Lifeshare received 13 donations! I like that number, considering that today is Halloween. I waited until 3:30 to sign in for the process, and by the time I was finished with everything and steady on my feet, it was almost 4:30 and time to go home. Good plan. This time it only took me 6 minutes to fill up a pint bag! The guy who tended to me was very nice, very fatherly. He told me to squeeze my fist every five seconds and apparently that did the trick.

Then while he was taking everything apart, I started feeling really light-headed, so I told him. He put an ice pack on my neck and gave me a juicebox. My manager was there too, and she was having difficulties giving up a pint. Eventually I was able to have a snack and go back to my desk. Oh, and I was able to pick out some purple gauze that matched with my dress. Happy day!

Once home, I didn’t feel like eating. I plopped down on my bed, covered up with a fluffy robe and took a nap. I needed it, but I could’ve slept longer.


4 thoughts on “Fancy a Pint?

  1. Secret Agent: I’m okay with a needle as long as I don’t look at it while they are putting it in my arm. They rejected me once or twice a long time ago because of either a fever or low iron.

  2. I like a few things about giving blood – that giving feeling, chatting with the phlebotimists and other donors, the little kid snack. I have felt fatigued or even nauseated a couple of times after, but mostly it is so easy.
    Good job, Tara!

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