Oh, Sandy, Sandy, Sandy…..

Did anyone else in Blogland feel Hurricane Sandy’s wrath? I wish I had recorded the wind last night, because it sounded very spooky. So far, my apartment still has power, but I know there are several, SEVERAL places that do not. The majority of the phone calls at work this morning have been students calling in to check if they still have class. One student moaned, “You guys are gonna kill me…” before he hung up.

Well, tomorrow is Halloween! Yay! I still have to carve my pumpkin. I bought one a few days ago and left it in the back seat of my car. Then I forgot about it and wondered what in the hell could be rolling around. It’s time to carve that thing and roast some seeds! Oh, and last night on my way home from work, I stopped at Party City to pick up one more thing for my costume. I love that it’s my late day tomorrow. I’ll have more time to get myself all costumed up for the office.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Sandy, Sandy, Sandy…..

  1. I’ve seen on the TV the results of the hurricane and it is quite shocking in scale! I hope it subsides quickly, it just makes it so clear how at the mercy of the elements we really are.

  2. The images I’ve seen online and on tv are frightening. I’m glad to hear that you still have power.
    I still have to carve my little pumpkin too! I have had the chance to dress up already, for some programs I’m doing at work. I do love a costume :) Have fun!
    PS- I like your new look here.

  3. FW: It’s really something how that hurricane became such a phenomenon. I hope more and more people get their power back. It makes a difference during times like this.

    Secret Agent: Lots of people in our area have had problems with flooding and some power outtages, but aside from that, it just looks like regular, late October weather.

    Laura: Have fun carving your pumpkin! I had to motivate myself to get it started, and it was the fastest I have ever carved a pumpkin. I didn’t plan it, but it’s done and the seeds are roasted! :)

    Thank you, though, this profile design caught my attention!

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