My mom was helping me take some trash out the other day. As we were walking to the dumpsters in the parking lot, my mom asked, “Where are they?”

The line that was in my head was, “They’re coming up soon..”, but what I said was, “They’re coming.” That made it sound like the dumpsters were on the move and coming for us, and that image, mixed with slap-happiness, made me laugh longer than necessary. I told my friend about it, too, and she laughed.

Then the next day, we heard some banging noises by the dumpsters, and my mom said, “The dumpsters are coming!” It might’ve been one of those “had to be there” moments, but I wanted to share. :)


4 thoughts on “Beware

  1. I am known for finding little things funny enough to start laughing uncontrollably.

    You took a bit of tracking down – the link with your comment took me to a blog that doesn’t appear to be one you post on, and at the bottom was a link that claimed to be to this blog but was not. So I went back to Laura’s and found you that way.

  2. Secret Agent: I love those uncontrollable fits of laughter.
    I realized what you meant about having a hard time tracking down my blog! I’m glad you found it though!

    Laura: That happened last weekend and we’re still joking about it. Hehe.

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