Saturday Scavenger Shots: Smash

Goodness, here it’s well into the week and I’m just now posting my photo for Saturday Scavenger Shots! I’m falling so far behind on this blog. My mom moved into her new place on Monday, but we were able to start moving boxes into the apartment over the weekend. That has nothing to do with the SSS word, but it’s kind of an excuse. Although, my sister-in-law did manage to SMASH something that my mom made while she was opening a box. There, that’s related, because the word on Saturday was “SMASH” chosen by AlienCG! Anyway, enough babbling, here’s my photo:

Those are some of the remains of a glass measuring cup I dropped. It fell to the floor and smashed into more pieces than what you see in the photo. While picking up the shards, I liked the way they caught the light.


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