A Few Things

– My mom sold her condo recently! It had been on the market for awhile, but now it’s sold and the wheels are in serious motion. She signed up to rent a place that’s right next to my apartment complex! I’ll be able to just walk to my mom’s place instead of drive 15 to 20 minutes. It’ll save on gas for sure. Plus, she won’t have a mortgage anymore and some utilities will be paid for every month. Can’t beat that, right?

– I had a good laugh attack today. I was talking to my mom on the phone while folding some clean laundry. It was a peculiar posture. My head was cocked to one side to support the phone on my shoulder and my arms were up, folding some jeans. At the same time, I was trying to get a word in with my mom. She does most of the talking, and it’s hard to break into the one-sided conversation. I have to shout through it. She was telling me about something nice and I eventually had to shout, “THAT’S DEFINITELY SOME GREAT NEWS!!” She jokingly shouted back, “YES, IT WAS!” I started to giggle and once I got off the phone with her, I just sat down on the floor and laughed.

– On Tuesday, I’ll be setting up for graduation again. This time, my best friend will be graduating with the group! She went for her Master’s degree in Business.

– Our piano player for graduation does not work for us anymore. He has been asked to play the piano on Tuesday, and I hope he’ll play in December. Otherwise, I’ll have to find someone else to play the piano. I also have to find a new venue for the 2014 ceremonies, because our director is not happy with how difficult it is to reserve the hall we usually get at the local rec center. That’s up to me too. I don’t like this kind of change. I’m seriously not happy about it at all. I want stuff like this to be easy and constant so that I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t want to be in charge of graduation anymore, but nobody else has the time to deal with all the details and ordering. Until our director gets tired of me, I’ll have to keep truckin’. I needed to vent about it, though. I think that talking about it at work would make me sound like a petty whiner.

– On a happier note, I think I’d like to be a devil for Halloween. I have never dressed up as a devil before, and the local costume shop/party supply center is all stocked up for my favorite holiday. I have a dark red dress, I just need horns, maybe some wings, a tail and a pitchfork. I have flame decals for my fingernails and bright red lipstick. I’m interested in buying a red wig, too.


8 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. It’s good that you and your mom are going live closer to one another. Saving gas never hurt anyone and now you can get free lunch from her.

    Laugh attacks can be fun. I had a good one on Saturday after recalling a conversation from Friday night.

    I can understand your frustration with organizing graduation, especially when nobody else wants to do it. I know you’ve referred to your frustration in the past. And you are allowed to vent.

    Being a devil would be a major stretch for you wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t even require a costume.

    There, I think that covers everything.

  2. How cool that your mom is moving closer. I’d like to have my mom closer as well, even though she is not THAT far.
    If I recall correctly, organizing the graduations is something from your old job that followed you to your new job…is that right? I’m sure it is an enormous amount of work…and having to make changes is tough. I can relate and you know how I feel about the blog as a place to whine – it is perfect!
    You will be such a cute little devil! That will be a fun costume :)

  3. Good news about your mom. I’d love to have my mom closer but I can’t see that ever happening.
    I’m sure you’ll rise to the challenge of the graduation work, it is something you do well otherwise you wouldn’t be asked :-)
    Tara as a red devil sounds intriguing, I can’t wait for the photos!

  4. Make sure you take a photo of you in your devil’s costume and post it somewhere! And, well, congrats(?) that your mom is moving closer. Um, will she organize dates for you? ;-)

  5. Thank you for the comments, everyone! I’m glad my mom’s going to live closer. She joked and said that she can pop in while I’m not there and steal my food.

    We just had graduation last Tuesday and it went really well. I’m sure we’ll get a venue settled for 2014.

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