Fo’ Shame

Hey there, I hope you’re having a good weekend! Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This?” picked the word “shame” for the Saturday Scavenger Shots game!

My mom and I went to Perkins Pancake House after we shopped around at an art festival. I hadn’t had anything to eat before we shopped, because I knew we’d eat out. I’m glad I waited. I ordered a short stack of pancakes and then had sides of bacon and sausage links. I gave a piece of bacon to my mom, but aside from that, I ate almost everything. Nothing was left untouched. I should’ve felt some amount of shame, but….NOPE! The following photo is not mine. I should’ve taken a photo of my meal before I devoured it, but I didn’t think of it at the time.


9 thoughts on “Fo’ Shame

  1. Now I’m hungry! Isn’t that a shame? Lol. That sounds kind of like what Shari’s calls a pancake sandwich… even though it is not piled up like a sandwich.

  2. Dmarks: It’s one of my favorite restaurants.

    Laura: That *is* a shame! You need to start a campaign to get a Perkins near you!

    Silly Rabbit: I was tempted to get a sandwich that included eggs benedict. That looked good too, but I was really craving pancakes.

    Thanks! I thought I’d try a new layout for a change. :)

    FW: I was actually surprised, because usually I ask for a take-home box. There was nothing to take home, though! :D

    Manuel: Yeah, I thought….”Hmm, I want bacon, but I want sausage too. Surely I should only order one side? Nah, let’s get nuts!”

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