“Cloves and spice will make it nice…”

Welcome to another installment of “Saturday Scavenger Shots”! The word is “spice”.

I cropped this photo of a container of pepper I have, so that you could see that it belongs to the “spice club”. Who doesn’t want to be a part of the spice club, huh? Riddle me that, Batman!

Check out my spice cabinet, people! Many people would actually buy a spice cabinet made of wood or metal or whatever. I used a shoebox because that’s how I roll. I have two kinds of cinnamon on the side, there; the sticks and the powder.

Speaking of that particular spice, there is something on the internet called “the cinnamon challenge”. I have not taken the challenge….yet. When I do, I’ll just have to get it on tape for a good, sick laugh. Until then, here’s someone else taking on the challenge. I won’t use a ladle, though.

Yo, Lovely Laura! I think you should choose the next word, what say you?


5 thoughts on ““Cloves and spice will make it nice…”

  1. Nothing wrong with a shoebox for spices. I find spices in our house seem to spend most of their life waiting to be used and then end up being thrown away every 5-10 years when we realise they’ve lost their spicyness!

  2. I have a spice cabinet made of wood (or particle board to be more accurate), but a shoebox is just fine for spices. I think I qualify for the Spice Club based on how many spices I have.

    The cinnamon challenge, based on that video, looks quite scary. I don’t if she’s exaggerating or if she’s serious. Be careful when doing it, have a friend nearby.

  3. FW: That’s me too. I also forget that I bought spices earlier and will buy more. Then when I reorganize my little spice box, I realize I have plenty of pepper and/or cinnamon. I need a spice that promotes a good memory.

    AlienCG: I think the woman in that video was being a bit dramatic, although she shouldn’t have used a freaking ladle to measure out the cinnamon. I will have someone around me if I choose to do the challenge.

  4. I feel like part of the Spice Club too! I like your shoe box collection..I think it is a fine container.
    One of my kid’s friends did the cinnamon thing (with a much smaller spoonful) and it was funny to watch :)
    The word is….SHAME.

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