Juice Boxes and Goldfish

– The school I work for had a blood drive last Thursday. If 35 units of blood were donated that day, we could grant a $500 scholarship to a student! Well, we reached the goal! In fact, there was a total of 36 units of blood that day! I was planning on donating at the end of my shift, but my friend reminded me that I could give during work hours.

The last time I gave blood was about 10 years ago, and I got really woozy. This time and about a half hour after I returned from lunch, I went back and started to fill out the forms and get the whole thing started. Aside from my blood pressure being a little high, I was all set. Guess what? I didn’t get weak this time! I warned them that I might, so they kept an eye on me. Once they had enough O-negative, I felt strong enough to head to the snack station and drink some juice and eat some crackers and cookies. Thinking that it all might sneak up on me once I returned to my desk, I made sure I had plenty of water and club soda stocked up. I was fine. If I donate in October, I get a giftcard! That’s not the reason I do it, but a giftcard is always a plus.

– I was jealous of one of my coworkers who donated right across from me. He was set up after me but left before I did! Surprised, I said, “Are you done? That was fast!” He grinned, shrugged and said, “I’ve got stuff to do.” My blood wasn’t that fast. In fact, it stopped when I was over halfway done, but then started back up again. Tricky.

– On Sunday morning, I woke up with a resolve. There was a huge, bulky piece of exercise equipment taking up space in my closet, and I wanted it out and gone. I use it, but it’s always a chore to dig it out of the closet, and lately I found some better exercises that would work the same muscles. I rounded up everything that came with the machine, put everything in a sandwich bag and taped it to the thing. Then I loaded it in the car and gave it to someone at the nearby thrift store. I hoped they would take it. I thought of going to Walmart to buy some weights and a yoga mat, but decided I didn’t need to spend money on that stuff. I can adapt, and I did.


6 thoughts on “Juice Boxes and Goldfish

  1. Congrats on meeting that goal during the blood drive! Glad you were able to participate without ill effects.
    I got nauseous the first time I gave blood after a long break, but now I can do it easy peasy :)
    Yay for getting rid of stuff! I am all for that, really.

  2. I’ve never been able to donate blood. Every time I tried, I got rejected for one reason or another. Last time it was because my heart rate was up. Last time it was because they missed my vein and they won’t restick you.

  3. Good for you Tara! Donating blood is a good easy thing to do. Also, I’ve never heard of not ‘resticking’. I had a newbie sticker try 4 times before I told her to get someone else to do it.

  4. I used to donate regularly but got out of the habit, partly because I was doing physically demanding work and I didn’t want to have to take a trip without a full tank of blood. I should start again now that I’m sitting behind a desk.

    Good job keeping your willpower in check and not buying the weights and yoga mat. It’s always nice to clear stuff out and make room for something to named later.

  5. Laura: We were so excited when we reached our goal. Our campus is going to try to do that once a quarter.

    Silver: I think the only time I got rejected was back in college. My iron was low or something. The sticking hasn’t been a problem yet.

    3GirlKnight: Thanks! I was so pleased with how easy it was this time.

    AlienCG: Yup, my willpower is still in check!

  6. Well done you on donating blood! I donated a few times but should really start it up again. I’m impressed with your resistance to splurging on something new to fill the space you created. I too have bought exercise stuff only for it to take up space – it’s best to get exercise in more natural ways if you can.

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