“It vexes me. I am terribly vexed.”

The word this past Saturday was “vexed”. Before I post my belated photos, I want to tag Silly Rabbit to chose the next word! You up for it, Silly Rabbit? :)

Anyway, here are my photos:

This is an old Halloween photo. I was vexed; annoyed that not many people dressed up for the holiday at work. Their lack of enthusiasm brought me down a bit. Phooey.

If cats can get vexed, then I guess this is the look of a vexed cat. I don’t think Joshua liked me taking a photo of him that day. Oh well. He needs to stop being so cute.


5 thoughts on ““It vexes me. I am terribly vexed.”

  1. Laura: We had more participants last year, so that was nice. Even better, I guess lots of people were asking our director if they could dress up.

    Silver: Have you ever been tempted to dress up for Halloween at work? It’s fun.

    AlienCG: Joshua is usually indifferent and sometimes playful. It takes a lot for him to be vexed.

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