Your Bank and You!

– Hey, guess what? My car is mine now! No more leasing! Well, technically it’s mine and the bank’s, because I’m financing it. The thrill hasn’t quite hit me yet, but the main thing I was happy about when I was first getting approved was that my credit is “awesome” and I didn’t need a co-signer!! Holy crap! I hugged myself, I was so happy and I felt like such an adult. The rep sent me my credit report and my number is so good. I should really put it up on my fridge. It’s not like I have ever had bad credit, just not enough.

– Yesterday I fought back and forth with myself about whether I wanted to join choir again. I hadn’t gotten much sleep yesterday and I really didn’t want practice to last until 9pm. I was curious about the songs we would sing, though, so I forced myself to go. It was good to see some familiar faces and some new ones too. The Cackler was there, but she wasn’t too obnoxious. We only have two pieces of music at the moment, but will be getting more in the upcoming weeks. Our director announced that, since we were especially frugal this year, we could afford new music! Great news. I don’t mind a few of the reruns, they can be fun and I like knowing what I’m singing. The new music will be great, though, and it’s already coming together.

– Oh and did I tell you I saw a cat on a leash recently? She was rather enjoying herself, checking out nature and stuff. She was a pretty tabby with a pink harnass and leash.


12 thoughts on “Your Bank and You!

  1. Congratulations on the car! Yay! I’m glad you decided to go to choir again, I enjoy hearing about how it goes every year. I hope you enjoy it again this year.

  2. I’d be proud if I had awesome credit too! (I do not.) Congrats on owning your car :)
    I’m really glad that so far you’ve decided to stick with choir. I know it must be hard some evenings after working all day, but it does seem like you mostly enjoy it.
    I’ve never seen a cat on a leash. I guess if you started when they were very young, they’d just think it was normal!

  3. Wow! Great about the credit and the car. That must feel wonderful!
    It sounds to me like you enjoy choir a lot, but I can see how some nights practice might feel like too much.
    I tried that with a cat… all she did was flip around like a crazy thing and tried to run backwards out of it. But my dad had a cat that would walk on a harness and leash. I guess some cats will and some won’t. :)

    • The practices run from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. The director we had before would let us go early sometimes. Not this one! To be fair, though, it makes a difference, and he just wants to pack in as much practice for us as possible so that we sound our best.

  4. Congrats on your credit score. lol I know that is one thing I have going for me as well. ;) But hey, so many people DON’T have good credit so it really is something to boast about.

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