“…..here’s metal more attractive”

Wow, I’m actually on time for Saturday Scavenger Shots! Are the planets aligned or somethin’? Ms. Laura B. chose the word “metal” for this week’s game, so let’s do this!

I used to live in back of a park while I was growing up. It was a very cool park; I was there almost everyday on the swings. A few changes have taken place since then, like they built more things to play on, but the equipment is plastic. The old-school equipment that we used to play on is made of metal. This is the slide that still stands strong and proud.

Speaking of metal, strong and proud, here are the monkey bars we used to conquer back in the day. Back when I was more flexible, I could swing upside down on those things, swing all the way across and back and sit on top of them. Good times.

There ye have it! Thanks for playing along!


7 thoughts on ““…..here’s metal more attractive”

  1. Ah, you never see metal playground equipment anymore! When I think of how I used to flip around on the monkey bars I can’t believe it was me :) Great post!

  2. Kids are fearless where parks are concerned. As a parent now I do have pangs of fear about trapped hands and other accidents that sometimes occur with playground equipment – especially older metal things. There used to be a thing called a Witch’s Hat that I remember had a certain notoriety. I don’t think I liked playgrounds as much when I was a kid as my kids do. Zip lines seem much more common now and big chunky wooden structures, which I know I would have liked better than the metal things.

  3. AlienCG: I miss living in back of a park. I’d be on the swings right now if I did.

    FW: Yes, there have been accidents with the metal equipment. I know I cut my finger when they first installed that tunnel on the slide. The edges were still sharp. I also smacked my nose on the slide and then a kid fell off of the slide and broke his collar bone.

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