Shangri La

I was tired of looking at the grey hairs that usually congregate on top of my head, so I bought my favorite brand of hair color, Natural Instincts, at the store last Friday. The conditioner that’s in the box is so good to my hair and I feel awesome because my hair behaves and shines.

So I went through the whole process of getting the stuff ready that night, put the goop in my hair and kept an eye on the clock because I’m supposed to leave the stuff in for 10 minutes. Sometimes that ten minutes isn’t enough to take care of all of my greys, so I figured I’d leave it in for fifteen. Once the time was up, I went to turn on the faucet in the bathtub. I could turn on the hot water, but when I tried to turn on some cold, it didn’t work. I kept turning the handle without results and then the handle snapped off. Crap. There was no way I was going to rinse my hair in scalding hot water, so I had a mini tantrum and then ran to the kitchen sink to rinse out my hair. That seemed to take forever, and it wasn’t very comfortable. I managed, though, and once my hair was up in a towel, I called the leasing office to leave a message that I need someone to come in and fix my tub faucet.

That’s pretty much it. Maintenance eventually stopped by to fix the problem. Oh, and the hair color covered all of my greys since I had it in longer. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Shangri La

  1. Silly Rabbit: It occurred to me after my hair was dry that I could’ve asked my neighbor upstairs if I could use her shower. :P

    Laura: I recommend the stuff I use! It’s ammonia-free, and I can’t gush enough about the conditioner that’s inside.

  2. I’m glad your hair colour turned out well, I wondered what was coming next at first! Annoying things like the tap breaking are sent to try us, you handled the situation well though and at least you didn’t have to fix it yourself.

  3. FW: I tried to fix it myself, thinking that the knob just needed a tightening with a screwdriver, but the screw itself was rusted. That’s when I’m grateful for the maintenance people in my apartment building.

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