Blenders and iPods and Tantrums…Oh My!

– I recently switched from the health insurance I’ve had since 2002 to our company’s health insurance. I kind of dreaded calling to cancel, because I figured it would be a struggle since I’ve had that insurance for so long. All I needed to tell them was that I signed up for new insurance and that was all they needed to get the wheels in motion. I even received a refund since I canceled at the beginning of the billing cycle. With the old insurance, I was paying $257 every month. It was such a relief to switch over. The insurance I have now from work takes the amount out of my paycheck, but it’s barely noticeable. I also received $20 off since I’m a non-smoker! Since I had extra money, I struggled with my inner adolescent about what I should do. My inner adolescent shouted, “Spend it! Spend it!” I thought it would be a refreshing change to…oh, I don’t know….save some of it. We compromised – I saved some money but took out a little to treat myself to a few things.

– You’ve seen my delight with my new iPod and I also bought a small blender. The blender itself is a 20 ounce, reusable water bottle with a removable blade at the bottom. Once the bottle is filled with the goodies I want to blend, I stick it in the small portal and press down and a few seconds later I have a smoothie, protein shake or whatever else. I’m so happy with it!

– As for the iPod, a friend and coworker said that he could help me set up wireless internet access. So yesterday during our lunch hour, we stopped at Walmart so that I could buy a wireless router. Then we went back to my apartment and he started working on it. Although he hooked up the router, I still couldn’t get internet access on my iPod. Eventually we had to head back to the office and he said I should call AT&T. He said that the router might not be compatible with my Uverse setup. When I called AT&T after work, the customer service rep said that I didn’t need a router; that my Uverse tower was already equipped. Really?! Wow! She guided me through the process that took about 2 minutes if that, and I suddenly had wireless access! I was so excited. Good stuff! I boxed up the router that I just bought and was able to get a full refund.

– Remember the manager who I discussed awhile back who jumped at the chance to accuse me of being rude to a customer? Well he did it again, but with a bunch of us. I guess someone called him and blindly snitched that they were mistreated. The manager got all fired up and shot out an email to me and C, and then copied all the managers on it and my friend R. He did this on a Friday when things seemed to be winding down for the weekend. It upset a bunch of us. I don’t know if it was the cold looks he was receiving or what, but I soon received an email from him; exclusively for me, and I almost cried. He said that he thinks I do a great job and that the email he sent was not meant for me. He said he didn’t want to point fingers so he sent it to everyone. Although I still don’t see the logic in that, I was touched that he wanted to set it straight that it wasn’t about me. It made me feel much better. It turns out that the people who thought they were mistreated had talked to a manager, K, and they were just having a tantrum. Mystery solved, but sheesh, it was exhausting!


5 thoughts on “Blenders and iPods and Tantrums…Oh My!

  1. Oh goodness, don’t you hate weird stuff like that at work? Makes for a very stressful time. I’m glad that he sent you the personal email letting you know that you were not the problem. What an upsetting weekend that would make with that hanging over you!

    Gizmos are wonderful treats! I’d love to have either of those. Enjoy!

  2. Extra money? I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean… haha! That is great, Tara. Your treats sounds wonderful! I’d love an iPod, especially.
    It was that nice of that manager to address you personally and let you know he didn’t have a problem with you. He doesn’t really sound like a very effective manager with his habit of carpet bombing problems he isn’t even sure are problems.

  3. Silly Rabbit: As far as I know, he’s the only one who flies off the handle like that so easily. I know now to stay out of his way and just do my job, but dang.

    I’m really enjoying my techi gizmos!

    Laura: Believe me, it has been strange. I’m used to my bank account dipping to under $40. When I get that miraculous “extra money”, my first instinct is to spend it.

    That manager seems to like danger if he wants to anger a bunch of women. Plus, he has a pregnant wife to go home to, and I imagine that’s interesting. Well, he has one less person to worry about for now. He even gave me an excellent rating for my 6th month review. Now I want to make a vegetarian dish to take into the office on Friday – partly for him and also for the rest of the office. I haven’t done that in awhile.

  4. Sorry, I fell behind…

    I always liked the iPod Touch and I almost bought one, but…then I got my smartphone. My security advice for your wireless is to cover up the tag on the side of the UVerse box with a small piece of paper. It keeps the obviously visible number away from prying eyes.

    I love where I work. Nobody flies off the handle, not even when we run out of coffee.

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