Anastasia Teal

Hey, happy Friday! I haven’t played “Friday 5” in awhile, so I checked it out and posted my answers. This week’s meme is titled “Five Shades of Teal”. I love the title for some strange reason. :) Play along and have fun!

1. How many teal-colored items of clothing do you have, and which is your favorite?
I have a few items o’clothing that are teal, but my favorite is my teal sweater. It’s not too heavy and I can wear it over a teal tank top at the office.

2. There aren’t many teal-colored foods, but what comes pretty close and how do you feel about it?
I just think of teal-colored frosting that I see on donuts sometimes, and then I think I’ve seen ice cream that color. I’m all for frosting and ice cream.

3. If yellow is the color of cowardice, green the color of envy, and blue the color of sadness, what’s teal the color of?

4. What’s the neatest teal-colored thing you’ve seen recently?
*Looks around*…There’s a directory page protector with a teal border that’s on my desk at work..

5. If you had to paint one of the rooms in your house teal, which would it be?
I’d paint my bathroom teal and then have fun buying bathroom items that match or coordinate somehow.


4 thoughts on “Anastasia Teal

  1. Here we go!
    1) I have zero pieces of clothing that are teal colored. Hummmm…
    2) I cannot think of a single actual food thing that is teal, but there is an adult beverage called “Blue Lagoon” that is close to teal. Its made with vodka, a blue colored liquor and lemonade.
    3) Teal is the color of feeling limp.
    4) There is a card on my mantle about six feet from me that is teal.
    5) I think I would paint the office that color. I think that teal is a calming color and hopefully it would make bill paying less traumatic.

  2. Laura: You should! :)

    Silly Rabbit: I wonder if they repainted my old bathroom. When I was in the other apartment, before the fire, I painted the bathroom a bright blue color. I was very proud. I’ll bet they painted over it, though, in off white. I didn’t bother painting the bathroom I have now, but instead decorated the place with bright blues and greens. Less work.

    FW: Thanks! I don’t know, I just think of blue tones as calming, and pensive was the word that occurred to me.

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