Falling Behind Again (also, New Saturday Scavenger Shots Word)

I was in a parade last week! I was invited by one of my coworkers to help them represent our school in the local home days parade. Yay! Back in my other job, I wanted to walk in the parade, but then it was rained out. This time a group of us got to go, and one of my managers arranged it so that I’d have coverage for the phone. The person who sat up at the desk was quite frosty about it. Oh well. She survived.

Anyway, one of the others who went with us had a convertible, so two of us rode the parade with the top down while the others walked along the street passing out candy and college stuff. It was very cool. I have never been in a parade before, so this was quite a trip.

I was also able to wear jeans, tennis shoes and of course a T-shirt with our college logo on it. We returned to the campus at about 8pm. It was my late day, so I decided to relieve the frosty coworker (who wasn’t as frosty when she realized she could go back to her desk) and sat up at the desk for an hour; quite relaxed in casual clothes. I gave the banner back to the manager who let me go, and he looked happy that I had a good time. I don’t usually see him happy, and he looks more approachable when he’s happy.

Oh and this just in….I’ve been chosen to pick next week’s word. I was totally stumped by the word this week and just couldn’t come up with anything. How about we go with the word “puzzled”? Yes, let’s go with that word.


5 thoughts on “Falling Behind Again (also, New Saturday Scavenger Shots Word)

  1. Yay! I am so on for next Saturday’s word! Excellent pick!

    I am glad that you got to be in the parade. I was in one once (in 5th grade) and I still recall it clearly after all this time. I had a ball, it was so much fun. I Think everyone should be in a parade at least once in their lives.

    Good that you got to relieve your co-worker earlier than she expected. Perhaps she was worried that she would not know how to do your job well, but by the time you returned she realized that it was not as scary as she imagined.

  2. Parades are so much fun, for both the participants and the audience. I agree with Silly Rabbit…everyone should have a chance to be in one at least once!

    Sorry last week’s word was so hard :) Thank you for picking this week’s word! I am already putting on my thinking cap.

  3. I’ve been in so many parades I’ve lost count. That’s what happens when you are in the color guard in high school though. Nearly every weekend in the fall there’s either a parade, a football game or a competition. Sometimes there’s all three at once!

  4. Silly Rabbit: It was great, I hope I can go next time, too!
    My coworker has actually worked at the front desk longer than I have, but she still really hates it up there. She grumbles about it all the time. She’s not the most patient person for the job. :P

    Laura: Not a problem, I just couldn’t get my brain to switch on the idea lightbulb. :)

    Silver: Ah, high school and the football games… Reminds me of the pep rallies.

  5. I wrote recently on my blog about a parade, my wife was in it and got absolutely soaked. Parades are good as long as the weather holds! I’m glad you got some time to take part, it’s good to have variety at work :-)

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