Emerging from the Depths of Vacation Laziness

– Succumbed to temptation and started reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy. I’m a careful reader, but I finished the first book yesterday, vowing that I would wait until pay day to buy the next one. Instead, I slept on it (the thought, not the book) and decided to buy the next one today. I read some, stop for a break, then I’m right back with it because I need to know what happens next, as if the book’s gonna fly away if I don’t read it all the way through the first day. It’s not a rental, it’s mine. Hell, I don’t think I can will myself to let a friend borrow the books right now! I notice some parallels to the “Twilight” books, but then it quickly shimmies past the parallels. I sigh whistfully a lot, I laugh, I cry (lots of crying because I can relate to the main character, Ana, in several ways) and roll my eyes (the main character rolls her eyes at Grey and it has an interesting, infuriating effect on him).

– After I finished reading the first book, I was an emotional, hopeless wreck and addict. I thought, “I need to clear my head, so what movie should I watch?” I chose “The Exorcist”..Hmm, not the most wholesome movie. I made myself a little tent with my ladder and some blankets and was prepared to watch a scary movie. While watching the documentary of the movie (which was really interesting – the director was a bit of a sadist, it seems), I reached back to adjust the cushions and smacked one of my fingers against a jagged edge of the ladder and sliced my finger open. I’ll live. It’s my unlocking-the- door-finger, so I had to put some Neosporin and a bandaid on it for now. Oh, such misery.

– My mom and I visited Lakewood on Wednesday. I lived in our cool house for 19 years before going to college and moving to Brook Park. The house…well, I have discussed my fond memories of that house before on here, and looking at it again when we visited our old street, I wish I could live there again. We visited our old next-door neighbors, and thankfully D was home. It was so nice to catch up. It was so weird to think that I used to watch their house and their dogs whenever they’d go on vacation. They had two miniature collies; Brandi and Sadie.

– While in Lakewood, we also visited Lakewood Park. It has changed a lot since I was in high school. I took both swimming and tennis lessons there, and they used to have the coolest swings and a really steep slide. Everything is different regarding the playground, but the people who rebuilt it did an excellent job. There’s also a really nice walking path down to the Lake Erie shore. They even have viewer thingies so that you can peer across the lake. Oh, and they also recently built a gazebo nearby, too.

– We also stopped at the antique store my mom used to set up in, but it has really changed a lot. When I’d visit as a teenager, the place was more spacious and smelled better. I thought the basement was haunted, even though it was just as spacious. When we visited that day, though, there was hardly any room to breathe. There was stuff everywhere we turned, antique or not. When I went down into the basement, I was no longer overwhelmed by the sense that a ghost was around the corner, but instead was smacked by the stench of dank, damp basement. Maybe the ghosts fled out of disgust? Not sure.


6 thoughts on “Emerging from the Depths of Vacation Laziness

  1. It’s weird going back to places from our childhood. Somethings are the same, but mostly it’s all different. As soon as I moved up here to NY my parents got all our siding and windows replaced on the house so it’s not even going to look like my house anymore! I’m going home the weekend after next so hopefully when I turn onto my street I don’t just pass on by. ;)

  2. Once I drove by the house I grew up in. Outside it looked the same except that my dad’s fence had been torn down. No doubt it got old. As I was sitting there looking at it, a kid came out and asked if he could help me. I explained that I had grown up there and he invited me in to see the inside. Boy had that changed! Upstairs in my room he said there used to be a painting on the wall… but he had painted over it. I had painted it! We laughed about that. I was glad that I had met him and he was so nice, but sad too that so much of what I had remembered was painted over or torn out. It can give you some funny mixed up feelings.

    I really enjoyed your pictures on FB! What a beautiful place.

    I love that you still make tents to watch scary movies! I’m going to try that. =:]

  3. Fifty Shades of Grey sure has a buzz going. Sounds like you really enjoyed it!

    For some reason, I have had the house I grew up in on my mind lately. It isn’t terribly far away…I think I’d like to drive by and see how it has fared over the years.

    And I’m with Silly Rabbit! I love that you make a tent for scary movie time! Sorry about your injury though.

  4. Silver: Years ago, my brother and I passed by the house to check it out, and someone had decorated the front porch with white, plastic chairs. We both cringed and hesitated to tell our mom, because she used to have the place all decorated with antiques.

    Silly Rabbit: The current owners of our house chopped down the cherry tree in the backyard. That was inevitable, actually. The tree was rotting and it was dangerous. We’d pick cherries from our balcony, though, and the cherry blossoms smelled amazing. My dad used to sit out on the back steps with his coffee, and I’d quietly drop cherry pits into his cup from the balcony and giggle like crazy.

    Laura: Last I heard, they’re going to cast one of the guys from “Dancing with the Stars” as Christian Grey when they make the movie!

    I don’t usually make a tent when I watch movies, but I’ve been wanting to build one for awhile now, just for the hell of it. :)

  5. It’s certainly the book of the moment, selling in shed loads here in the UK (as in the rest of the world I guess). Although when it’s mentioned by the women I talk to they seem to either love it or hate it. It is weird going back to where you once lived. I wonder what changes the house we used to live in will have gone through when my kids reach my age?

  6. FW: I’ve chatted with a few people about the books. A few of us like the 2nd one the best (although I’m just now getting into the 3rd and final book). I love the interractions and emails between the main character and Christian Grey the best.

    I really miss my childhood home. It had some great memories, along with some bad and bittersweet.

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