Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Progressive”

AlienCG chose this week’s word, “progressive”, and I thought I’d share with you a few photos of our renovation that happened….jeez, was that last year? I think so! It feels like it just happened. Anyway here are some progressive shots of our renovation:

As you can see, it started out with a plain desk, plain walls and a different receptionist. Everyone else in that shot, except for the photographer, moi, has since gone on to other jobs and such. This is a very old shot, actually, but I wanted to show you the old look.

Then the next shot is of one of our hallways; all bare and ready for a new look. The third shot is of little ole me a few days before I was supposed to break for Christmas. The new desk hadn’t been set up yet, but I still had to do my duties as the new receptionist. My friends set me up with a few tables and a cup of coffee while someone else took my photo. This one wound up in a slideshow for one of our staff meetings. Haha, very funny, people.

Then the last one is just one of the many shots of the place after it was all renovated. That was/is my new desk. I like it, I can post lots of photos from LOLCATS by my computer. When people come in, though, they can only see my eyes and the top of my head.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Progressive”

  1. lol! The third shot is great! Kind of reminds me of me with my lap top in a corner of the family room set up on a TV tray. =;]

    There sure is an obvious progression going on here. I had such a hard time with this word. But you nailed it nicely.

    I think I might really enjoy a desk where no one could see much of me except for the top of my head and eyes.

  2. Manuel: Thanks! Before my friends brought me a table, I kidded with them and sat in the middle of the floor. I think it would’ve been funny to answer phones and greet visitors while sitting on the floor.

    Silly Rabbit: Sometimes….scratch that…most of the time I’m glad I can shrug behind that desk and make faces or roll my eyes at people.

    Laura: Thanks! :) I should’ve posted more photos of the finished product. They made it look so nice, and I was very interested in how they frosted the glass on our doors that lead to the administrative area. I thought they sprayed stuff on the glass to make it look that way, but instead it was one big decal that they crafted and pasted on.

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