“Along came a spider and [showered] beside her”?….Not an option.

Thursday morning was a bit crazy. It started off okay – I had plenty of time to grab some breakfast and also put some watermelon chunks into a container for a snack later on. I glanced at the clock and figured I had enough time to take a shower, too.

I pulled the shower curtain aside, looked down and saw a red spider. I turned on the water, but that thing was a good swimmer. The issue was dealt with, so I took my shower. As soon as I stepped out, I heard a huge WHOOOOOM from outside. A huge storm was doing its thang and it was raining hard. I looked down at my watch and it seemed like I still had 15 minutes. Hmm, that seems strange. Then the phone rang, and I had to run into my room to get it. My digital clock read 7am. Eeek! My other watch had stopped. Anyway, my mom was on the phone and we talked briefly before I had to get off the phone and finish getting ready for work.

I made it to work at 7:10 (still 20 minutes before my actual shift) and realized nobody was around to open the doors and turn on lights inside the campus. I did a quick run through and then I could settle down at my desk.

I was the first one to open up on Tuesday morning, too. I had more time that day, so I wanted to make coffee for the other side of the campus. I had the coffee grounds in a new filter all ready to be set up, then I accidentally knocked it on the floor and all of the dry grounds scattered. Argh, so much for time to spare. I used that time to sweep up the grounds.


4 thoughts on ““Along came a spider and [showered] beside her”?….Not an option.

  1. Huh, what a weird start in the morning. Actually yesterday I dropped the coffee can and coffee spilled all over as well. Had to pull the vacuum out for that little mess. Not exactly a great way to start the day.

  2. Silver: No, I’d rather start the day without having to clean up a mess or deal with arachnids! :)

    Laura: I found out that I had lost the glass top to my watch. I actually found it on the carpet at work later on, but then I wound up breaking it! Guess I need a new watch again!

    FW: Thanks, it was better…still a little weird, but better. Less hectic.

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