Work Frustration

I wasn’t very happy with one of my managers last week. He could’ve approached something in a more tactful way. Apparently a student was given some bad information and an attitude the night I worked late at the front desk. I never give people an attitude (except for a few coworkers who I know can take it) and I try to get the best possible info for them or at least guide them in the right direction. The manager sent me an email just assuming I was the one who treated the student unprofessionally. I explained to him that I wouldn’t have done that and that I’m happy to help students whenever they need help. He then backtracked and said he figured I would help them out instead of sending them away. I told a friend and coworker about the situation and she agreed that he could’ve asked for my side before just flat out accusing me. He doesn’t even know me and he’s certainly not around when I’m doing my job.

I know who may have given that student some attitude, but the manager apparently hasn’t seen that coworker in action either. Anyway, with blood pressure elevated, I kept my cool and set the record straight (through email, otherwise I would’ve fumbled out of frustration, and I suspect the manager would’ve too). I was mad for the rest of the day, but when Friday came around, we were both in better shape.


5 thoughts on “Work Frustration

  1. That was badly handled by that manager! How dare he just make assumptions like that! I would have been angry too. I’m glad you worked it out in a professional manner. I am amazed at how some people ever make it to management positions.

    Have a great day off tomorrow!!!

  2. Oh, I was frustrated to the point of tears when I read the email. I wasn’t confident at first with my response, but then I grew a (temporary) pair and stood up for myself. I may seem “too nice” to some people, but I’d rather be that than jaded, cold and insensitive.

  3. Well, at least you handled the situation professionally-and your manager remembered his position. I’m sure that next time something like this happens, your manager will remember the incident and handle things a lot differently.

  4. Silver: Thank you, I hope he handles it differently next time too, but his track record for tactful communication isn’t the best. There’s always an opportunity to change, though.

    Dub: Ha, yeah, who knows? If so, I hope I passed his test. It seems like I did.

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