“His mamma call him Clay…”

I needed a laugh the other day and thought to myself, “What’s a movie that always makes me laugh? Ah ha, ‘Coming to America’!” I catch it on TV sometimes and I have to watch it, but I also have my own copy and it’s so much better when the swear words are left intact. Anyway, here’s a clip for your viewing pleasure:


4 thoughts on ““His mamma call him Clay…”

  1. I can remember laughing a lot with my kids while watching Coming to America. We saw it several times. Eddy Murphy has a lot of talent does a great job being so many characters.

  2. Laura: I recommend it for a good laugh!

    Silly Rabbit: There are so many good scenes that made me laugh. I loved Arsenio Hall’s different characters, too.

    AlienCG: Yup, that’s Cuba “Show Me the Money” Gooding Jr.!

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