Who has Two Thumbs and is Ready for Friday?

I’m sleepy and I think a mosquito just bit me. Today is my 12 to 9 shift at work, and this is around the time it gets quiet and boring. I do like when a few students walk through and we chat a bit.

Our class of June 2012 graduated yesterday. I had made what I considered to be a big mistake with graduation earlier on in the quarter, but I told my manager right away, asked her how I should proceed and then I was told to tell another employee because it affected him. The fire was put out and there wasn’t any drama. Aside from some minor mistakes during the ceremony, I think it went really well, and my manager told me I did a good job again. Yay!

After the ceremony I stopped by Target and found out that my favorite club soda brand has a new flavor called “peach-pear”. I snatched up a box and took it home as a post-graduation planning treat. I know how to party.


6 thoughts on “Who has Two Thumbs and is Ready for Friday?

  1. One of the things I miss most about leaving my old job at the school is that I no longer have graduation to look forward to unless someone close graduates. It was always so exciting and fun… and there was always room for things that went wrong. In the end, they always were worked out and everyone was happy. =:D Cheers to your graduating class!

  2. Things go wrong, but when it comes down to it, the show goes on and the students graduate. During my last performance review, my manager said that people approach her after the graduation ceremonies and remark about how nice everything went and looked. That made me feel really good. :)

  3. Laura: Thanks! I’m glad graduation is over for now. Next week we have Wednesay off for 4th of July and then the next week I’m on vacation!

    Dub: I’m surprised that some of the women didn’t fall down the steps because their heels were outrageously high. One guy almost twisted his ankle. Aside from that, everyone who was supposed to graduate, graduated. :)

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