“…another brick in the wall.”

Hi! What’s up this weekend? I hope everyone’s doing well! AlienCG chose this week’s word to be “brick”, and I finally got moving, or rather searching through photos; doesn’t involve too much moving, and found a few photos to represent the word. Shall we?

Cleveland’s Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum was built with bricks, glass and I’m sure other stuff.

Okay, well this was a photo of the sunset when we went to Ohio’s Amish country to shop, but those buildings nearby were built with stuff that included brick.

AlienCG chose me to pick next week’s word! Let’s do: turbulence. The word just popped into my head, so I went with it. Welcome to my brain!


6 thoughts on ““…another brick in the wall.”

  1. That is a great building. I like the way the brick curves. Very cool. I think that turbulence will be a fun word. I wonder what I will come up with… and everyone else.

  2. FW: Thanks! I’m proud that we have it in Cleveland!

    Laura: Yup, I think it’s Ohioan! Turbulence will be challenging. I need to start thinkin’.

    Silly Rabbit: It’ll be interesting to see what all of the players will come up with for the new word! Good luck! :)

  3. Yes, the Rock Hall was built with brick, glass, metal and Rock. (OK, that was corny). I almost took a picture of a brick road, but decided to stick with own, geeky theme.

    I have an idea for turbulence, but it may not necessarily be a photo.

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