Super Terrific Morning Scramble Time

We have a mini fridge under the desk at work that we fill with bottled water for any guests who arrive. It’s really nice to have, until the supply runs low and we have to go out to get more.

There was one bottle left at the end of the day yesterday, so I thought I’d run over to Walmart before work today and pick up a 24-pack. Walmart isn’t usually busy that early in the morning (between 7 and 7:30), so I thought it would be a quick trip. Nope. They only had two registers open and a bunch of Walmart employees were buying stuff for themselves in the 10 items or less line. Eventually I got out of there with my water.

While I was in line, though, my Murphy’s-Law-o-meter was alerting me to the feeling that, even though we usually have someone open up the school before I get there, it was quite possible that nobody was there to take care of it this time. Usually I’m early enough to open the school myself in case the official opener isn’t there, and I really don’t mind at all. But I figured I’d really have to scramble if my Murphy’s Law-o-meter was accurate.

It was accurate! I lugged my 24-pack o’water into the building and saw one of my coworkers, who doesn’t usually open up on that day, unlocking the double doors to one of our hallways. I put the water on the desk and then started unlocking things on my side of the building. I unlocked some doors, ran down hallways (that felt really good, I liked getting in some exercise), turned on lights and then made the coffee. I met my coworker in the hall and she unlocked the last door. It was a good bit of teamwork! Then I put the water in the fridge and took a deep breath. Whew!


4 thoughts on “Super Terrific Morning Scramble Time

  1. Nice to read about a diligent worker / coworker… But witnesses, or it never hapened.( That said, I have no proof I walked on a Roman road today. But I did.)

  2. What a start to your day! But you held up despite Murphy’s Law. I used to love to run in the school halls too. I could get away with it as an adult, but not as a kid and that made is so much more fun!

  3. Laura: The rest of the day was less Murphyish, thank you! Murphy made more appearances throughout the rest of the week, though. :P

    Dub: Well my coworker and I are each other’s witnesses, I guess. I forgot my camera. Someday I need to do a documentary of going to work and getting things all ready.

    Silly Rabbit: Thanks! Sometimes Murphy’s Law makes an appearance even on days I am there early. It makes computers and especially copiers malfunction.

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