Happy Update!

First off, thank you so much for all of your kindness and support. I’m a lucky girl to have concerned friends like all of you, so thank you from the top, bottom….well, the full circumference of my heart.

I went to visit my mom today, thinking that she’d still need lots of rest and have the oxygen mask. I turned the corner into her room and found her sitting up in a chair and eating a really tasty-looking meal! Talk about a wonderful surprise! She had left me a message at home, but I was out running errands. It worked better this way, though, because I was so relieved to see her looking and feeling so much better.

While I was there, they eventually moved my mom to a regular hospital room, and they had switched her back to the regular oxygen thingy with the little plastic tubes up her nose so that she could eat and talk properly. Her oxygen level was turned down too.

We learned that she didn’t have pneumonia like they thought and like what the x-rays implied. Her congestive heart failure was the real culprit; and couldn’t properly drain fluid out of her lungs.. Her severe breathing problem was caused by her heart overworking itself. Yikes. Anyway, hopefully the meds they switched will do the trick from now on!


5 thoughts on “Happy Update!

  1. Thank you, all! My mom’s home! :) She was able to go home yesterday, so i spent the night over at her place and we watched some movies. Then a nurse made the rounds today and ordered my mom’s new med for her, so I can pick it up at the pharmacy!

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