Pneumonia Worse Than Oldmonia?

I volunteered to house and pet sit for my brother and his family while they drove to Pennsylvania to watch his oldest son graduate from college. My brother just bought an awesome little house with a fantasic view of the backyard, which is not a yard at all – it’s a nice little creek that runs through the valley. I’m totally jealous, but in a good way.

Anyway, I spent the night at their place last night, but since I had to work the next day, I set my cellphone alarm but also called my mom and asked her to be my alarm fail-safe. She’s an extreme morning person, so she was up for it.

At 4:30am this morning, my mom called me and said that she’s going to call 911 because she’s having problems breathing. I got dressed and ready and eventually was able to head over to the hospital.

My mom has pneumonia again, in both lungs. She was doing okay in the E.R., because they put her on a good level of oxygen. Then they moved her to a regular room and that’s when it got bad. She kept having breathing problems and saying that the oxygen wasn’t working (I think she may have been hyperventilating). Her blood pressure shot up and they moved her to the I.C.U., and that’s where she’s at now. I’m scared, even though she’s in the best place, really.

I did find it darkly amusing that, when they sent me to the waiting room, the TV was on and it was tuned into “House”. That’s just what the anxious family member of a patient needs to watch – a show about hospitals, woo! I picked up a magazine about diving and…um…dived into some articles.

Then, because the awesome nurses and doctors were doing what they needed to do to help my mom, I had to wait in the room again. This time, there was a family discussing a relative who was on a ventilator but they had to decide as a group on if he should take the next step or….move on. I didn’t need to hear that conversation. I sat in the back of the room on a couch that didn’t face the family, and I started to cry. Then I looked up and noticed that the TV was still set on, apparently the “House” channel, and I tried not to watch an episode where the hospital staff is saying “good-bye” to someone. Ugh!! Then someone else came into the room and eventually the room was too loud for my senses. I left the room, and that’s when they sent someone for me to take me back to my mom.

My mom had a breathing mask on that looked more comfortable than the one they had on the last time she was in for pneumonia. She looked like she was ready to sleep, so I said goodbye, she said she’d see me tomorrow (muffled, but I understood), and then I left….and cried.

So um…yeah, more (and hopefully happier) details to follow.


7 thoughts on “Pneumonia Worse Than Oldmonia?

  1. I’m sorry Tara, that is NOT a good kind of telephone call to get in the middle of the night. And it totally sucks that right now you are the only one around to deal with everything alone.

    Your mother is in the best hands, but try to get in touch with a family (or another family member) and see if they can come keep you company or something.

    If you need someone to talk to, you can always message me on Facebook…I always have it up and running on my computer.

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear this! How very upsetting and scary for both your mom and you. I will be thinking positive and good thoughts for you and your mom. You sure did not need to listen to a conversation like that! I am so sorry that you guys are going through this. Keep us posted. Big hugs.

  3. Silver: Thank you! One of my brothers and his family visited her today (even though my brother loves to belittle and embarrass me), so that was good.

    Silly Rabbit: Thank you so much! I went home that night and watched funny episodes of “Seinfeld” to offset the double-whammy of “House” and the other family. Your happy thoughts helped, she was feeling much better today!

    Dub: :)

    AlienCG: She really is a fighter, thank you! She was doing so much better today!

  4. What a depressing set of circumstances for you! I’m glad you’ve seen she’s feeling better. I hope you can talk to someone at work who is understanding, with the best will in the world, there are more important things in your life at the moment.

  5. FW: Thank you, I was so very happy to see her looking healthier! The other day it felt so bleak that my brother and I talked about looking over her will and Power of Attorney. It was that bad. I’m so grateful for the people at our local hospital. They are beyond awesome.

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