Exotic Cupcake

You Are a Caramel Pecan Chai Cupcake

As long as you can have a no strings fling, you’re happy! You don’t like anyone to get attached.
You just want to get out there and experience the world. You don’t want to be tied down at this point in your life.

You’re very inquisitive. You aren’t satisfied until all your questions have been answered.
You like to work in group settings, but you’ll rarely step up as leader. You think everyone should have an equal voice.

4 thoughts on “Exotic Cupcake

  1. You Are a Lavender Lemon Cupcake

    Your thinking process tends to be very natural – with no beginnings or endings.
    You are always in the middle.
    You are philosophical, thoughtful, and even spiritual.
    You seek depth.
    You are sensitive and responsive.
    You can’t help but be thin-skinned.
    You are aware of all your feelings and impulses.
    You don’t always act on them, but you know they’re there.

    Aw, not blogthing twins! But this does seem pretty right….

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