“There wolf! *There*, castle!”

Hey there! It’s time for another fun, zany edition of Saturday Scavenger Shots! I chose this week’s word. The name of the game today is “wolf”.

Here’s my favorite wall-hanging. I’ve had this for several years now; my mom bought it for me for Christmas. I saw it in a photo gallery in the mall and kept going back to it. I don’t ask for too many specific things, but I liked this photo enough to ask. It’s a Jim Brandenburg photograph called “Gray Wolf”. I absolutely love it.


4 thoughts on ““There wolf! *There*, castle!”

  1. Oh I do like you wolf poster! That wolf looks very cunning… like he is formulating a plan of some importance. I am putting up my SSS late… in a few minutes.

  2. Silly Rabbit: I loved the sculpture of the wolf you posted!

    Laura: Hmm, chips! I’ll see what I can find! Thank you!

    FW: They really are very photogenic! This one was unusual and I was completely drawn to it.

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