Well Into Wednesday

This past weekend was a nice long one for me since I had Friday and Monday off for vacation. It was just what I needed to refresh my soul.

My mom treated me to a day of shopping since she didn’t get a chance to buy anything for my birthday. I bought three nice dresses and two sweaters, and then I bought a few pieces of jewelry to match. I was drawn to greens, blues and blue-greens as a color scheme this time. Everything fits! Woo hoo!

My mom and I were invited on Sunday to my brother’s place to see his new house and to have a barbecue. I picked the biggest steak and ate it all while my brother resented the fact that he didn’t pick that steak first. Anyway, the house is beautiful. It has a great view of a bit of the Metroparks, and my brother can do some fishing right in his backyard.

When I returned on Tuesday, I had to sit at the front desk while everyone gathered in another area for a staff meeting. When they returned, a bunch of them congratulated me! Why? Because this month is my ten-year work anniversary! Yeehaw! My official first day as a permanent employee was May 30th, but I was acknowledged on Tuesday with a certificate signed by our chairman and CEO, thanking me for 10 years of service, and I was also given a Visa giftcard for 100 bucks! A friend of mine had reached his 5-year anniversary, and he received a giftcard too. We were both grinning like we had received all A’s on our report cards.

After work yesterday, I tried to think of something I could buy with that card. I wanted it to go a long way. Nothing looked good to me at Walmart, so when I went home I checked out Amazon. Jackpot! I bought some MP3 downloads of Ike and Tina Turner songs and then I bought the movies “Predator” and “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. I love knowing that I’ve got movies on the way!


6 thoughts on “Well Into Wednesday

  1. What a great week you’ve been having! I had to laugh at the “everything fits” comment because I don’t like to try things on in the store, which of course means that sometimes things don’t fit and have to go back. =:/ Its nice to know that there are others out there who use the grab and go method too.
    Your brother’s place sounds so great. Lucky guy! Good for you for getting the big steak. You snooze… you lose, brother.
    Oh the things I could do with a hundred dollar gift card! I also love having things “on the way”. Right now I’m waiting for some humming bird vines to arrive. Btw… interesting choices of movies! I would enjoy both of those too. But the pairing of them is unusual. =;]

  2. A long weekend is such a wonderful thing. I’m sad that one of my Saturdays to work falls on Memorial Day weekend, but I’m still excited to have that Monday off. Sounds like lots of good stuff in your life right now…and I love to hear that!
    I am jealous of your 10 year anniversary recognition! I won’t get recognized until our holiday party in Dec. and then it will just be getting called up to get a certificate and my photo in the slide show. haha! I want $$$ :)

  3. Silver: Oh, I definitely am having fun with this card! Thank you!

    Silly Rabbit: I did try some of the clothes on, but the one I picked out without trying on was so comfortable! Yeah, I have eclectic movie preferences. :) Oh, and the hummingbirds will love you for those vines!

    Laura: I’m sorry you have to work on Memorial Day weekend. I’m really surprised they haven’t asked a few of us to work on the holiday so the students could have classes. I’m not saying anything, though.

    They had better enthusiastically recognize your dedication, hard work and creativity in December and everyday!

  4. Well many congratulations on your length of service – that’s a great kind of recognition and reward for loyalty. I love Predator so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, I don’t think I know the second one. It is really nice to know that goodies are on their way, I know how you feel :-)

  5. FW: Thank you! :) I can’t remember the first time I saw “Predator”, but I do remember it being one of the goriest movies I had ever seen (I was probably in my teens at the time). The sequel was okay, but nowhere near as good as the first one.

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