Saturday Scavenger Shots: “Middle”

Happy Sunday! The enlightening Laura from “What Fresh Hell is This” chose this week’s word, “middle”.

I went to the arthritis walkathon yesterday, and it was really fun! I actually walked more than the 3 miles. It was easy to do since the walk was held at the zoo. We were able to stop and look at the various animals.

One animal I was so happy to see was the meerkat! There were a few of them in their little habitat, and we all took multitudes of photos and adored their funny, hyper mannerisms and their curiosity-induced postures. Here’s a photo of a few of them on a log. Check out the couple in the middle, getting all amorous! Oo, la la!

Laura chose me for the next word! Let’s go with the word: MUSIC! If the “Saturday Scavenger Shots” game hits a fun chord with you, come play with us!


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